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René Magritte
Le retour, 1949
65 x 50 cm
Limited edition of 200
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A bird composed of a brilliant blue daytime sky dotted with soft, white clouds soars in the darkness of night. Below her rests a nest with three white eggs. The forest below, shrouded in darkness, appears peaceful and distant. This bird is frozen in motion, captured in time. Much like Magritte's Dominion of Light paintings, this work simultaneously depicts night and day, capturing the viewer in an indiscernible, drea ... View more
Framed size: 66 x 51 cm Image size: 65 x 50 cm
High quality aluminium floater frame. 6 cm depth x 1.5 cm border width.
High-rendered print, mounted on Alu Dibond. Powered by LITO Hi-Rnd© technology.
Digital Certificate
The artwork is linked to a digital certificate placed on the ETH blockchain. By scanning the QR code security marker with a mobile phone camera one will have instant access to the artwork’s core intel: museum and artist estate official certification, ownership, life facts, and technical specifications.
GTIN: 9180012570171
René Magritte
1898-1967, Belgium, Surrealism
In the 1920’s, a Belgian artist began creating thought-provoking images that challenged people’s preconceived perceptions of reality. His public image of an average man in suit and bowler hat, living in the suburban anonymity of Brussels, was designed to defeat inquiries into his personal life. René François Ghislain M ... See more on artist page
ACCURAte to the original
All editions are made with the highest level of detail, targeting museum’s quality
Each aspect of the original texture and relief are recreated in a 3D print
LITO’s proprietary technology reproduces the exact color pixels of the original painting
Museums, artists and artist’s estates are fully envolved in the making
Magritte paints this artwork when he learns that he can finally leave his exile (in France) to return to Brussels and to his loved ones, including his wife, Georgette. This “return” is told in an allegorical and subtle way, coming back to his family nest.
Adnan Abbasi
This painting features a bird frozen in motion, as if captured in time. Here Magritte uses the bird as a symbol of freedom, representing his return back home.
Victoria Gandit
This blue bird imagined in a form of a cloudy sky has become in a few decades one of the most recognised works of art of modern paintings. This masterpiece illustrates Magritte’s keen talent for creating art that left a mark on the collective unconscious.
Nathan Clements Gillespie
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