• Collin Sekajugo - Stock Image 001 - Boy in Wheelchair
  • Collin Sekajugo - Stock Image 001 - Boy in Wheelchair
  • Stock Image 001 - Boy in Wheelchair_interior
  • Stock Image 001 - Boy in Wheelchair_detail

Collin Sekajugo - Stock Image 001 - Boy in Wheelchair


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The works of Collin Sekajugo take their departure point in pop culture and the global mainstream. His paintings critique their subtle influence across visual, oral and digital cultures. Since 2012, Sekajugo likes to manipulate the common stock image to reveal its global impact and its inherent biases of entitlement and privilege, largely modelled on the Western, white self. The “Stock Image Suite” transforms white figures into black figures. The original stock image on which “Boy in Wheelchair” is based, depicts a joyful white child playing with a wheelchair. The artist converts the model into a self-assured black boy, posing in a decor filled with vibrant colors – reminiscent of African textiles. Conceptually, the works of Sekajugo become pure theatre, a hacking of identity that exposes some truths behind these stock images that quietly continue to colonise the entire globe by the weight of their own popularity.

Collin Sekajugo
Stock Image 001 - Boy in Wheelchair
95 x 81 cm
LITO HI-RND© print on canvas. Inner frame, Dibond backplate.

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