The Flat Sculptures

Check out our latest collaboration with Erwin Wurm

Limited editions in collaboration with leading contemporary artists.
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  1. LITO and Erwin Wurm take the medium of printmaking to a new dimension

    In collaboration with acclaimed Austrian artist Erwin Wurm, LITO Editions debuts with The ‘Flat Sculptures’ Series, an exclusive new release of fou...
  2. LITO will exhibit four Erwin Wurm's high-rendered limited editions at Futur of Everything Festival in New York

    Among twenty hand-picked innovation companies, LITO has been invited to present its proprietary Hi-Rnd© technology at this year’s ‘Future of Everyt...
  3. Collaborations between Artists and Brands: How They've Contributed to the Popularity of Contemporary Art

    In recent years, collaborations between artists and brands have become increasingly common. From fashion and beauty to home decor and tech, artist...