Aigana Gali

Aigana Gali is a multidisciplinary artist who works across a wide range of media, from canvas and paper to textiles and bronze. Born on the ancient crossing of the Great Silk Road in Almaty, Kazakhstan, Gali’s formative years were spent in the wild, open cradle of the Eurasian Steppe. After earning a BA in Fine Art from KazGASA she completed a Postgraduate degree in Art History from the Academy of Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan. This rich cultural heritage is an infinite source to her work; Gali’s paintings are invested with subtle historical or mythical references, like the Saka who buried treasures in the endless plains of the desert.
In 2009, Gali moved to London to complete her MA from Sotheby’s Institute of Art. There she began to explore ways to communicate and translate her cultural milieu, in particular the tonal shifts and vibrational quality of light found in the vast plains. Over the past decade she has developed an important body of work, delineated by series: Creation Myth, Steppe and Tengri. Each representing a metaphorical chapter in her evolution as an artist and thinker, Gali adapts both technique and materials according to an essential, abstracted schematic. Weaving cosmological narratives with her nomadic heritage, her works explore the mysterious forces - ancient wisdom and nature’s cycles - that shape our lives. Gali’s art is included in notable private and public collections, among them the Kistefos Museum, Bunker Artspace Museum, and the Royal Palace in Rabat, to name a few.

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