LITO featuring editions by Erwin Wurm and Douglas Gordon at artmonte-carlo 2023

LITO Editions, the Austria-based contemporary art publisher using its proprietary high-rendering technology — is pleased to announce its inaugural showing at artmonte-carlo with an exhibition featuring editions by acclaimed Scottish artist Douglas Gordon and renowned Austrian artist Erwin Wurm at the Grimaldi Forum from July 8 to 9. Artmonte-carlo visitors have the opportunity to experience the new generation of editions that is revolutionizing art collecting.

Following its premiere during the Frieze New York art fair last May, LITO will exhibit the “Flat Sculptures” series from the Austrian artist Erwim Wurm at artmonte-carlo. A capsule collection of four artworks specifically created for LITO, in which Wurm took four words — “LIGHT,” “SHINE,” “WOBBLY,” and “MELT” — distorting each word onto one canvas to reconfigure it into a two-toned painting that appears abstract in nature. The aesthetic is reminiscent of Wurm’s sculptures, in which the artist often exaggerates everyday shapes and objects into a new irreverent form. Each of the four Erwin Wurm LITO editions is exclusively available in an edition of 50. The LITO expert team collaborated with Wurm in his studio in Austria, where he personally hand-signed and numbered each piece.

In addition, LITO will present for the very first time a series of four prints by Douglas Gordon culled from his “Self Portrait” series that debuted in the early 2000s. Using Andy Warhol’s iconic 1960s silkscreen paintings of Marilyn Monroe and Elvis Presley, Gordon reinterpreted the images by setting them on fire to obliterate them, adding holes and burn marks. Gordon then layered the burned images over a mirrored surface to provide a moment of reflection on the idea of celebrity, and how it drastically transforms one’s life when a person is catapulted to stardom, the adoring fans, the burn-out, and the subsequent downfall of stardom that led to both of their untimely deaths. The charred images also symbolize their phoenix-like status as people whose posthumous existence lives on through their movies and music. Each of the four prints comes in a limited edition of 35, personally signed and numbered on the custom backplate by hand by Gordon himself at his Berlin studio.

Tarka Russell, former Director of Timothy Taylor and Pace, will be joining the LITO advisory board bringing her experience of curatorial and sales strategy to the company. Artmonte-carlo marks her public debut with the LITO Expert Team and she will be present on the stand.

“It is a huge honour to be associated with LITO and their vision of embracing technology to modernize the print market. I am very excited to work with the LITO team and meet experts from different fields. LITO’s proprietary technology has the ability to dramatically transform the art market because it allows a broader audience to collect high-quality artworks,” said LITO Guest Advisor Tarka Russell. “I believe that LITO will reinvent the wheel for artists, allowing them to experiment with new ways to make work and expand their ideas. It’s also an important way for artists to engage with their community and fan base across the board, democratizing the collecting process and allowing the younger generation to acquire works by blue-chip artists at a significantly lower price point. This is also something that the artists working today want, their art to be enjoyed by their fans and supporters”.