• Jia Aili - Untitled (Hermit)
  • Jia Aili - Untitled (Hermit)
  • Jia Aili - Untitled (Hermit)
  • Jia Aili - Untitled (Hermit)
  • Jia Aili - Untitled (Hermit)
  • Jia Aili - Untitled (Hermit)
  • Jia Aili - Untitled (Hermit)

Jia Aili - Untitled (Hermit)


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Limited Edition of 15

Part of the most important and relevant private collections, represented by Gagosian Gallery and fetching impressive prices at auctions, Jia Aili is undoubtedly the most celebrated and coveted Chinese artist from its generation.
Akin to a classic painting practice, Jia Aili’s technique is as precise as those of old Masters, his production is therefore very scarce and his paintings, rare.
LITO Editions has the privilege to collaborate with him directly and had the exclusive opportunity to work on three of his most emblematic series: Engine, Storm, Mountain. These three iconic series are now closed and complete. Our very limited editions are a unique opportunity to live fully the experience of his mastery with the very emblems that marked his impressive career.
Printed on our specific paper, the result is staggering. All the gestures, the minute touches are flawlessly transposed to offer the viewer a real plunge into Aili’s post-apocalyptical vision which verges to dystopia. With this deep dive we truly sense the cold, the humidity, the isolation as well as the approaching rumble of Nature.

Jia Aili
Untitled (Hermit)
132 x 113 cm
LITO HI-RND© print on paper. Floating Alu frame.

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