• Stefan Brüggemann - Amazon Now (White Marble)

Stefan Brüggemann - Amazon Now (White Marble)


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Stefan Bruggemann’s "Amazon Now" artworks blend traditional and contemporary elements, creating a striking contrast between the elegance of marble and the rebellious nature of spray paint. These pieces feature sharp, often provocative text that engages with themes of language, perception, and socio-political critique. The juxtaposition of the classical medium with modern graffiti-like text challenges viewers to reconsider boundaries between high art and street art, as well as permanence and impermanence. This fusion results in a powerful visual impact, inviting personal interpretation and reflection on the nature of art and its role in society.

Stefan Brüggemann
Amazon Now (White Marble)
92 x 92 cm
Hi-Rnd© "marble" print on paper, golden foil, mounted on Alu Dibond

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