Contemporary artists who scores at art auction sales

Erwin Wurm, Jia Aili, Douglas Gordon, and Wang Guangle are all highly respected artists whose works have been the subject of auction sales in recent years. These sales have been watched closely by collectors, art enthusiasts, and investors alike, as they provide a valuable insight into the current state of the art market.

Erwin Wurm is an Austrian sculptor and performance artist whose work often involves taking everyday objects and distorting them in unusual ways. His work has been described as playful, absurd, and provocative, and has been exhibited in galleries and museums around the world. Wurm's most expensive work sold at auction is "The Kiss (Red)" (2010), which fetched $580,000 at Phillips London in 2019.

Jia Aili is a Chinese painter whose work is characterized by its moody, atmospheric quality and its focus on the human figure. His paintings often depict people in ambiguous and surreal settings, and are known for their emotional intensity. Aili's most expensive work sold at auction is "Sorry for Being Heroic" (2011), which sold for $4.8 million at Sotheby's Hong Kong in 2019.

Douglas Gordon is a Scottish artist who works in a variety of media, including film, photography, and installation art. His work often explores themes of memory, time, and identity, and is known for its thought-provoking and unsettling qualities. Gordon's most expensive work sold at auction is "Self-Portrait of You + Me (David Bowie)" (2007), which sold for $5.7 million at Christie's London in 2016.

Wang Guangle is a Chinese painter who is known for his monochromatic, minimalist style. His paintings are characterized by their use of color and texture, and often feature abstract geometric shapes. Guangle's most expensive work sold at auction is "Untitled" (2008), which sold for $5.9 million at Christie's Hong Kong in 2017.

These auction results demonstrate the continued strength of the art market, particularly in Asia where there is a growing interest in contemporary art. The success of artists like Jia Aili and Wang Guangle also highlights the importance of Chinese artists in the global art market, and their increasing influence on the direction of contemporary art.

However, it is worth noting that auction prices do not always reflect an artist's true value or the quality of their work. The art market can be unpredictable, and sales can be influenced.